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Freelance Bees connects businesses with professional, expert freelances who are available to hire by the hour or a fixed price.

Every Freelancer application undergoes a comprehensive review and is subject to approval by our freelance success team, to make sure that only the best freelancers are carrying out projects on the Freelance Bees platform

  • #1 Post a project

    Our one page form allows you to give a full brief of the project which you need completing. The more details you add, the more relevant and qualified freelancers will be attracted.

    We have developed some very clever and highly efficient artificial intelligence to do all the hard work for you, matching the very best talent on the Freelance Bees platform to your requirements.

    Once you’ve reviewed your proposals, simply choose which freelancer you want to work with and pay the assignment fee. From there you’ll be given full access to the contact details for the freelancer so you can open a direct dialogue with them on or off the Freelance Bees platform. Once the project has been completed to your requirements and remember, We only pay the freelancer once the work is complete.

  • #2 Connect with freelancers

    Search the Franchise Bees directory for experts in just about every skill imaginable – One great freelancer could change your business forever.

    Granulate your search by skill, budget or country. Contact freelancers directly and request a proposal for your assignment.

  • #3 Freelance specials

    Convenient for clients who know what they want

    Freelance specials are pre-set offers from franchisees. Browse a variety of specials from as little as £10. Specials are a brilliant if you have an off the shelf project in mind, such as copywriting a document, posting on social media or creating a web page perhaps, and if you’re happy with the work then you can request a follow-on project.


Introducing – WorkFlow

no project is too big or too small

Project management can seem like a full time job, which is why we’ve created “Workflow” – our secret weapon to keep all of your projects on track and within budget. WorkFlow allows you to communicate, share and receive files, pay invoices and share feedback all with ease.

  • #1 Communicate

    WorkFlow is the place to communicate the progress of any existing projects with freelancers. You may have one project on the go, or five. Either way you can relax in the knowledge that all of your communications and documents are in one place.

  • #2 Pay freelancers with a click

    WorkFlow enables you to pay invoices with just one click, and the freelancer only gets paid when you’re completely satisfied that the project has been completed, it’s so simple.

  • #3 Review freelancers in under a minute

    At Freelance Bees, we take the quality of our freelancers seriously. We regularly check on their feedback to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible client experience. Reviewing a freelancer is the final step on your journey with them at least for that assignment so we want to make sure that you’ve been happy with their expertise, timekeeping, communication and or course the delivered project. It takes less than a minute to review, but to the freelancer it’s second most important part, behind your satisfaction


There’s a freelancer for anything

  • Work with the best freelance experts across the globe.
  • Project manage the entire assignment within Freelance Bees.
  • Settle invoices securely, with confidence and ease.