Cancellations & Refunds

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As a freelancer, it is important that you try to avoid cancelling a project on a buyer without a very good reason to do so. If you are in an unavoidable position where you can’t deliver the project, then you can Contact us for help.

Letting your buyer know

You must let the buyer know at the earliest opportunity if you can’t start/complete a project by sending them a brief but detailed message in WorkFlow. You will also need to return the buyers money held in Escrow.

Your buyer has cancelled the project

If your buyer cancels the project prior to you starting the work, then make sure you ask why. Afterall it could be something which can be sorted out to avoid you losing the work. If you have already started the project, but the buyer wishes to cancel then you can still contact them to ask why? If the project can’t recommence then you are entitled to be paid in full for the work in which you have carried out, as per our Terms of Engagement. If the buyer disputes the invoice, then you should contact us and we will provide mediation. We aim to secure any money owed to you, but in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful, then we will pay you the buyers deposit in Escrow, less our fee(s)


See Cancellations & Refunds policy to find out if your buyer is due a refund. If the buyer requests a refund, then you will have 3 days to respond, otherwise the buyer will automatically receive their refund and the case will be closed. All refunds to buyers and freelancers will be checked by Freelance Bees, prior to release to either party.


Refunds arising from your cancellation or the buyers cancellation will affect the rating of the person instigating the refund adversely. We always recommend trying to resolve an issue first.