How safe is my money?

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When you accept a proposal for a project that you posted or bought a freelance special, you will be required to make a payment. The money is held in escrow and will only be released to the freelancer when they have reached set milestones or completed the project, and even then, only when you are completely satisfied.

If the work hasn’t been completed or is not to your standards, then you can refuse to pay the invoice until the work has been completed or carried out to a point where you are happy. Please be aware that you have 7 days to raise a dispute before the funds are released to the freelancer.

Freelance bees are on hand to provide impartial advice to both parties.

If no resolution can be found, then the money will be returned to the buyer unless it can be proven that the work has been completed, in which case the payment will be released to the freelancer.