My project has started, but I need to cancel

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In general, project progress is seamless and as expected, but occasionally life throws a curve ball and you may need to cancel the project which the freelancer has already started. What do you do?

Once you accept a proposal, it is possible to cancel, but you need to ensure the following steps are taken.

  • You must notify the freelancer at the earliest opportunity by sending them a message in WorkFlow.
  • If you have funds in Escrow and you have grounds for a refund (see Section 6.2 of our terms and conditions, then you can request a refund. This usually applies when:
    1. The freelancer fails to respond to a question in the WorkFlow within 1 working day
    2. The freelancer has not completed the project in the agreed timescale without due cause.
  • When this happens, you can notify the freelancer of your intention to cancel the project by clicking “Disputes” in WorkFlow.
  • If the buyer fails to notify the freelancer of their intentions to cancel the project, and the freelancer completes the project, then the buyer is responsible for settling the full invoice amount including Freelance Bees fee(s), as per our Terms & Conditions
  • If a partial completion of the project has taken place, then you will need to agree with the freelancer, the total amount payable to that point. In the rare occurrence that an agreement cannot be reached, then you can ask Freelance Bees to provide mediation.